Tour 2 Points 1 and 3


Take a tour that will teach you about the cultural and industrial history of cork in Portugal, and discover its importance to heritage and tradition.

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Algarve Rotas is an eco-tourism company that offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about the cultural heritage of Portugal, and its biggest export – cork. Portuguese cork is exported all over the world and is used in many different ways; not only for wine bottles but for clothing, accessories and even in NASA space-crafts.

Algarve Rotas gives great importance to the biodiversity of the Algarve cork-oak forest, and plays a crucial role in promoting its native resources. The forest defines a vast ecosystem, very rich in fauna and flora dependent on it, forming a sheltered area with a dynamic that favours the development of numerous species that can be observed during the visits.

There are various places to visit on our tours:

The Algarve Costume Museum – Enjoy all the old costumes and then watch a film about the processing of cork, from the tree to the finished product.

The Traditional Cork Factory – Learn all about the processing and packing of the cork.

The Cork Shop – See the many ways in which cork is being used today, especially in fashion and accessories like umbrellas and belts.

A Cork Oak Plantation – Wander amongst the beautiful cork oak trees and learn all about their life cycle.

The chance to sample some of the delicious local sweets and liqueurs.

Tours duration: 1,5 hours to 3,5 hours

Tour Itinerary:
1. Algarve Costume Museum;
2. Surfboard Factory Visit;
3. Traditional Cork Factory Visit;
4. Cork Shop Visit;
5. Cork Oak Plantation Visit;
6. Traditional Liqueurs and Sweets Tasting.

From Monday till Saturday
– 10:00 a.m.
– 14:00 p.m.

Tour 1:
Duration: 1,5 hours
Itinerary: Points 3 and 5

Tour 2:
Duration: 2 hours
Itinerary: Points 1 and 3

Tour 3:
Duration: 3 hours

Tour 4:
Duration 3,5 hours
Itinerary: Full tour

Meeting point:
Museu Etnográfico do Trajo Alentejano
Street: Dr. José Dias Sancho, nº61
São Brás de Alportel
GPS: 37.152660, -7.885880