Sagres Tour in July & August


Discover the wonders of te most south-western town in Europe and enjoy the sunset while tasting tipical portuguese food and wine.

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The most south-western town in Europe – Sagres, the whole area around was always a sacramental place. It has huge meaning for all the Mediterranean people, who believed, owing to the absence of a human settlement, that it was the gathering place for their gods. As well as it has great importance for the history of navigation, it was closely connected with the age of geographical discoveries as the last piece of the land known by people. Just try to imagine how your predecessors felt standing at the edge of the world! what lays over the horizon?

Come and experience the end of the world! This coast is the last part of Europe illuminated by the sun. Come send the sun to another side of the planet and what better way while drinking portuguese wine and eating tapas!

Duration: 3 and a half hours

Departures: 18:30

What’s included:
– Drop off to Sagres west coast
– Guided visit of the old monastery on the cliffs and the south-western point of Europe
– Sunset picnic at the most south-western point of Europe with various local snacks, tapas and wine
– Return back to Lagos