Complete 3-Day Course


Nurture a healthy addiction, become a kitesurfer.

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Kitesurfing is a cross between Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Surfing, Windsurfing and Powerkiting and there is nothing to compare it to when it comes to pure adrenaline sports. The amazing power generated by today’s kites, coupled with their handling, performance offers the kite surfer complete 3 dimensional freedom as with no other land or water based sport.

Our KSA (Kitesurf, Snowboard, Association) Instructors will teach you all the skills you need to become one of the many addicted kitesurfers of the world. Our lessons take place in a beautiful lagoon inside the Ria Formosa Nature Park. From the little fishing village of Fuseta, where our Kiteschool is located, we’ll go by boat to a sandbank where we can teach you all you need to know in the safety of these shallow waters.