Child April – 15th September


In the Wall Route gives you a unique and different experience in your cultural discovery of Lagos.

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Lagos is one of the oldest cities in the Algarve. Its historical and cultural heritage stands out in the region. Its historic centre, its city walls and its monuments are places that are well worth visiting.

In the Wall Route is a walking tour along the paths that surround the city walls of Lagos. Accompanied by guides dressed in medieval costumes, you’ll have the opportunity to learn all about the city’s history, from its founding to the the present day. You will discover interesting facts about the people who lived here and the cultural legacy they left behind, as we lead you through remote areas, little visited by most tourists, where back streets and alleyways hold secrets of the past.

If you like you can also add a one-hour boat trip along the Lagos coast to your tour, to really see the beauty of Lagos from all angles.