Catamaran – Capacity: 11 Min 3 Hours


Be your own Capitan and go on a voyage of discovery.

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At Formosamar we offer a boat rental service with departures from the city of Faro and the city of Tavira. Why not rent a boat and choose your own itinerary during your holiday in the Algarve. There are several boats available including traditional boats, sailboats, catamarans and RIB boats, and the Ria Formosa Nature Park is the perfect place to explore on the water.

Recommended items:
– To fully enjoy your trip bring a small snack;
– Bring plenty of water to drink to avoid dehydration;
– Bring casual clothes and comfortable shoes suitable for a boat trip;
– A wind-stopper and a waterproof coat are useful if not essential;
– A rucksack or backpack is recommended to carry a small snack, sunglasses, hat, a good sun cream and a camera;
– During the warmest period of the year, a swimsuit, a beach towel and a sunbrella are an excellent idea.

Other recommendations:
– Safety comes first, please follow the instructions and recommendations of your skipper, especially those relating to safety issues;
– Trips may be amended due to weather conditions or the physical condition of the participants should our skippers deem this advisable;
– This is an activity subject to weather conditions. The decision to leave or return earlier than expected, due to unexpected weather conditions, is solely to the skipper;


8 Hp – 15 Hp / 5,5m – 7m
Capacity: 8-11
mín – 3h
Price: 75,00 € / hour
Departures: Faro and Tavira

JOD 24 / 7,5m
Capacity: 5
mín – 4h
Price: 180,00 €
Departures: Faro

60 Hp / 7,5m
Capacity: 11
mín – 3h
Price: 135,00 € / hour
Departures: Faro

200 Hp / 7,5m
Capacity: 11
mín – 3h
Price: 170,00 € / hour
Departures: Faro and Tavira

Note: Schedules of departures and arrivals, duration and itineraries of the activities are subject to change without prior notice due to security determined by weather conditions, winds, tides and/or any other circumstances beyond the control of our company.