Bronze Tandem Skydive


Be brave, be a skydiver.

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If skydiving is on your bucket list but you’ve just never had the opportunity, here’s your chance. Experience the thrill of freefall securely harnessed to your qualified tandem skydiving instructor, and enjoy the breathtaking views over the coastline of southern Portugal.

Take a deep breath, be brave and enjoy the ride. Fly up to 14,000ft and then take that exhilarating leap out of the aircraft. After 60 seconds of freefall your instructor will open the tandem parachute and float you back down to earth.

We offer a video and photo package so you can take the memory of the most exhilarating experience of your life home to show your friends and family.


– Minimum age 16 yo
– 16/17 need authorisation from parents
– Over 70’s need medical form signed by doctor
– Some health restrictions apply.
– Maximum weight: 95 kg (15 stone) when fully clothed