AFF Full Course – Platinum Package Gold Package PLUS 10 consolidation jumps


You’re just a short course away from the thrill of skydiving on your own.

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The AFF course starts with one full day of ground-training during which you will learn everything you need to know to complete your first solo skydive from 14,000ft!

You will be taught
– how to check and fit your own equipment
– how to exit the aircraft
– safety procedures
– how to open your parachute
– how to deal with emergency situations
– how to recognise the dropzone
– how to land your parachute

There is a short written test to ensure you have understood every part of the course before you start skydiving.

Jumping begins on Day 2 with an introductory AFF-Tandem jump which is the perfect way to orientate yourself from the air and to better understand the landing pattern and procedures here at Skydive Algarve. Then your skydiving experience continues with AFF Level 1. Accompanied by, but not attached to, two expert instructors you will carry out the freefall exercises you have been taught, then open, fly and land the parachute yourself.
Progressing through the levels you will perform a qualifying dive on Level 7 and a low altitude exit from 5,000ft on Level 8.

At Skydive Algarve we welcome students for AFF training on any date during our Boogies but please contact us to check availability of your preferred dates before arranging any flights.