Discover the story of Arraial Ferreira Neto and tuna fishing in the Algarve coast on a traditional fishing boat.

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This tour starts from Arraial Ferreira Neto or from the city of Tavira on board of a traditional fishing boat. We explore the river Gilão and discover numerous waders looking for small organisms that live in the marshlands.

As we explore the coastal lagoon, we have lovely views of the famous Island of Tavira, where the Ria Formosa meets the Atlantic. It was through this bar that the tuna fishing boats would come as they carried tuna onto to the Arraial Ferreira Neto.

The original practice of fixing fishing tackle to the shoreline, which the Arabs called almadravas, referred to as the bullfighting of the sea, involved circling the tuna with nets anchored on the sea bed, and fishermen harpooning them.

Duration: 1 hour

Recommended Items:
– Suitable clothing and footwear for a boat tour;
– Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and sunglasses holder;
– Waterproof clothing for tours during autumn and winter;
– Bathing suit, towel for tours during spring and summer;
– Water and small energetic snack.

Note: Schedules, duration and itineraries are subject to change without previous notice due to weather conditions, tides and/or other circumstances beyond our control.